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At Vertex, learning by doing is what we're all about. As an intern with us, you will have the opportunity to learn about the pharmaceutical industry from a hands-on perspective. You will learn from some of the brightest people in the industry, while working on projects geared toward helping you obtain real-life experience. And while you're gaining that experience, you'll see firsthand why Science Magazine named us a Top Employer for the past five years.

Vertex's internship programs offer students the opportunity to be part of a unique, fast-paced, and innovative pharmaceutical company. Our offerings include a summer high school intern program (Boston location only), a college/university summer intern program* and half-year co-op programs.*

*Undergraduate, graduate, MBA and Ph.D. internship opportunities are available globally

College/University Intern and Co-op Program Overview

Here's what you can expect as an intern and co-op:

  • An in-depth Orientation designed to provide you with broad exposure to our history, business, culture and approach
  • A Professional Development Series, with topics ranging from the Life Cycle of a Drug to Brand Marketing
  • A manager and mentor – both focused on your development and working in partnership with you to ensure a successful internship
  • A challenging and robust project
  • End-of-program capstone event that will capture your learning and help you share it with the broader company
  • Networking events that will enable you to build relationships with fellow interns and Vertex Leaders

"I so desperately wanted to work here. This summer has been the turning point of my career. It has been my foundation and a real life memory"
Neerali S. – Intern, DMPK

Eligibility and Working Requirements

In order to be eligible for an internship at Vertex, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Currently enrolled college or university students must have completed at least one year of undergraduate study; includes undergrads, grads, masters students, Pharm D's, and Ph.D.'s
  • If graduating upon completion of internship or co-op, you must be enrolled in an advanced degree program the following semester
  • Eligible to legally work on-site at the Vertex host location

How to Apply

Available Vertex internships and co-ops are posted on the Vertex website at

Complete an online candidate profile on our careers site, submit a current version of your resume and submit your profile to the internship(s) or co-ops in which you are interested

High School Summer Intern Program (Boston Only) Overview

For six weeks during the summer, a handful of local Boston high school students call Vertex their home. The program, which is centered on critical thinking skills and hands-on learning, aims to raise students' awareness of how the math and science skills they learn in school can be applied to a career in the biotech industry. These students are immersed into our company culture and are provided with real-world experience designed to help them prepare for their future.

"I've always loved science – since I was three years old. I think of it like an onion - and you can keep peeling back layers. This experience was really great for me to build my foundation. I was surrounded by Vertex scientists everyday."
Chris Acosta – Intern, Research

Here's what you can expect as a high school intern

  • Five-day Orientation to provide you with broad exposure to our history, business, career opportunities, and more
  • End-of-Summer Professional Development sessions with topics ranging from Resume Workshops to Mock Interviews to Elevator Pitch Workshops
  • A manager and mentor – both focused on your development and working in partnership to ensure a successful six weeks
  • An interactive and engaging experience

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